Mobile Notary

I drive to you so you don't have to travel or search.

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‪(210) 802-9606

My Services

I provide notary services at your location whether it be home, office, park, Starbucks, restaurant, etc.

Just text or email me, and we will set up a date, time, and place.

I’m a privately owned business and am proud to be Veteran and Woman owned and operated.

I travel to you to notarize your documents. 

I offer services in Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

When you choose me, you get the utmost in professionalism and honesty. 

I have a $10,000 notary bond and a $50,000 Errors & Omissions policy.

I am a Certified Notary Signing Agent.

At this time, I do not provide notarial services for depositions or apostiles.

I accept cash or credit card.


I do not charge a credit card fee. I don’t believe the customer should have to pay a convenience fee to use their card. 

A notary is a public servant that has state-wide jurisdiction, who serves to ensure the proper authentication and execution of documents and to deter fraud by making positive identification of all parties to a document. A notary doesn't guarantee the truth or accuracy of documents, has no obligation to verify the contents of a document, and does not legalize or validate documents. A notary is not an attorney and therefore cannot give or accept fees for legal advice.

A notary offers all services necessary to notarize your documents. Prior to notarization, I can receive by email and print a copy of the documents that need to be notarized. Also, once your documents are notarized, I can copy or scan for your personal files a copy of the notarized documents (they will have COPY written on them to ensure they will not be used for other than your personal records). I can also take care of sending your documents by priority mail for you for a fee.

Why choose me


If I say I will be somewhere to do a service, then I will be there. 


I pride myself on being an honest individual.

USAF Veteran

I am a Veteran of the US Air Force.

Professional & Convenient

I may be laid back and fun, but I am very professional. I even drive to you (for a fee) to do your notary.

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